Travel Tips for Beginners

TravelThe hectic and stressful life of the 21st century ultimately demands the unwinding of the body and the soul. People prefer to visit different destinations of the world to explore the hidden marvel of the earth. On the other hand, the high cost of living do not allow the people to travel and see the gems in the world. Specially, it becomes quite difficult for you to travel if you had no previous experience of travelling.

Life is a book, and those who don’t travel, read only one page, well said by Saint Augustine. Since from the times of pre-history, traveling was one of the favorite activities of the man. He always wants to see the new vistas of the world and want to unveil the marvel of the mother earth. Traveling is considered as an expensive hobby, although it is quite right that traveling cost of today spoils the whole budget, but there are certain travel sites that offer discount packages and discount plane tickets on vacations. Moreover, family travel is comparatively expensive, however one can avail family travel packages to enjoy their favorite holiday destination. It feels good to travel but it feels better when your into family travel. If you are planning to visit the famous cities of the world, but you are not aware of the troublesome of the traveling then review the travel tips listed below;

1. Don’t forget to take your traveling documents like passport, flight/train tickets. Set a reminder in your phone that reminds you to take these document along with you.

2. Don’t fill your travelling bag with excessive stuff. Just pack necessary items you need while travelling. Three to four dresses are more than enough for you as a traveler. You can pack a pair of jeans with three to four shirts along with a pair of sneakers and slippers to avoid the excessive weight of luggage. Tourist mostly prefer bag pack for their trips as it is easy to carry and had a good capacity.

3. Traveling often causes of anxiety, especially if you are traveling alone for the first time. So take your friend or a family member with whom you can enjoy your favorite destination. A Turkish proverb well fits here as it said that no road is too long, when travelling with good company, it is true that the journey ultimately becomes memorable if you had friendly and loyal company.

4. Pretend to be friendly, brave and courageous. You should hide your fearful intentions with the passerby.

5. Take first aid kit while traveling. If you take any kind of medicine on a regular basis, then do not forget to pack it with your traveling items. Your traveling first aid kit should include,

• Bandages
• Gauze Pads
• A small bottle of povidone-solution/white spirit solution
• Pain killer tablets
• anti-vomiting tablets
• Ointment creams
• Antiseptic Wipes

6. Put some extra amount of money, your estimate might not work in some areas so it is always preferred to have some extra money while traveling. Keep your credit card and ATM card to avoid any inconsistency.

7. As a beginner traveler, do not opt for expensive or challenging destinations like Bhutan, Sikkim, Venice or Amsterdam. With time you learn how to tackle with the adventures of traveling, so choose such destination that had minimum challenges.

8. Search about the city you are travelling. Surfing on the internet and see the reviews of the people who already visited that area. You can download guidebooks for knowing more details of your holiday destination. It is preferred to make a rough map of the city and mark the places you want to see. Follow your map and enjoy your journey on different modes of transportation.

9. Thanks to the global networking travel websites that allows you to book the hotel online. You can compare the charges of different hotels and books the best suits to you. As a new traveler you can also stay in the hostel because charges of hostels are comparatively lesser than hotels.

10. You should talk to the locals and make new friends in the city you are visiting, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that do not trust strangers. Never give your traveling document to the one you are not familiar.

11. Don’t take expensive digital accessories like DSLR, PDAs or expensive smart phones. Traveling is always adventurous, you never knew when the adventure arrives and may damage your expensive items. It is highly advised for the female travelers to avoid the wearing of gold or diamond jewelry.

12. Click every shot and write notes about your experience. You should share your experience online on your blog. The wonderful memories of your initial trips makes you mock on yourself when you become a travelling expert.